What it’s all about…

The team at aim2GIVMOR are passionate individuals and seasoned entrepreneurs that joined forces to create an impact with projects that are close to their hearts. At the forefront is potable clean drinking water for all, agriculture (sustainable vegetable gardens) and supporting Bramley Children’s Home.

Our focus for now is to add value through collaborations to our immediate community, South Africa, where we can monitor the processes and have control over the various projects, through accountability and transparency.


aim2GIVMOR aims to give more resources to help humanity thrive by enabling teams in the rural communities to work together. We aim to inspire and implement solutions to improve their quality of life and create hope for a better future.


To reaffirm and promote everyone’s right to safe, potable clean drinking water. With a focus on developing partnerships with rural communities with the intent to effect change at municipal, provincial and Government levels in the protection and production of public water supplies. To deliver high quality, hands-on educational entrepreneurial programs to rural and farming communities to develop and sustain their own vegetable gardens.

Meet the Team!

Marcelle Meijer | Founder

A diversely experienced and innovative Business Owner, Manager and Customer Service Specialist, leveraging capabilities gained over the course of a 35+ year career; Marcelle Meijer is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader.

An adept and professional company representative, Marcelle has built beneficial exposure across Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, Charity Fundraising and Investment Consulting – growing a comprehensive understanding of strategic business planning, industry negotiation, operations implementation and delivery of value-added services.

Being passionate about leading a life of purpose, Marcelle decided to fulfil a lifelong dream by pursuing a Humanitarian career.

Jared Snoyman | Director

With two decades of dedicated service within the hospitality industry, Jared brings a wealth of experience to our non-profit company. Beginning as a qualified chef, he ascended the ranks to become a proficient food and beverage manager before assuming the role of general manager. His passion for environmentalism is evident in his approach, constantly seeking ways to improve our surroundings for the benefit of all.

As a coach, Jared also specializes in mindset and wellness, guiding individuals on a journey to unlock their fullest potential in life’s daily challenges. His mission is to empower others to become the best versions of themselves by providing tools and strategies to navigate through the clutter of everyday stresses and achieve mental clarity and well-being.

Patricia Aliphon | Director

Embracing 20+ years of corporate and multinational experience, Patricia has developed extensive expertise in entrepreneurship, strategic business consultancy, leadership coaching, and corporate training.

Graduated in business management and executive leadership (University of Stellenbosch), she creates executive leadership programmes, while coaching C-Suite executives to handle their missions with clarity and serenity.

Former General Manager turned creative entrepreneur, Patricia enables innovative key solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs, for them to adopt focused growth strategies and perform with higher profitability while nurturing human values.

Patricia also serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director on CSI Energy Group, engaged in renewable energy solutions across 19 countries on the African continent.

She regularly speaks at targeted events and volunteers for various initiatives around FinTech, Women in Tech as well as women and youth mentoring via NGOs and international initiatives.